45″ Coater/Laminator Line with 33′ Dryer

Film Line

45″ web width max


800 FPM line speed

Power:  480V – 3PH – 60Hz.  All controls and Estops included.

Two dual roll turret unwinds to accept 24″ diameter rolls.  Montalvo air brakes.  Montalvo safety chucks.  Tension system controlling air brakes.  Shifting base with power unit.  Two 3″ diameter Tidland air shafts.  Hydraulic turret indexing.  Secondary unwind with chaser guide to follow primary web.

Two, conventional roll, corona treater systems with 7.5Kw generators.  Grounded idlers and switch for metalized film.  One positioned after primary unwind.  One positioned after secondary unwind.  Originally calculated for materials: 1.25 to 1.5 mil poly, 60g nylon, 70g pp, 48g polyester (metalized), 250g cello.

One Coater with multiple web width impression sleeves.  3″ heavy duty side frames.  One impression mandrel with quick removal arms.  One coating roll.  One oscillating single blade doctoring system non reversible.  Coater can be retrofitted with an enclosed doctor chamber.  Stainless steel coating pan with adjustable inner pan and lift mechanism.  Smoothing bar driven by hydraulic motor.  Automatic impression throw off with machine stop.  Coater is driven by line shaft from laminator with Fairchild transmission for varying speed of gravure coating roll.  Automatic Sunday drive to maintain coating roll wetness.  Spreader roll just prior to coating.  Tension controls build into coater.


One 33′ Stainless steel gas dryer (Two Zone).  Fifteen air distribution tubes removable for maintenance and cleaning.  Insulated access doors.  Manifold to feed distribution tubes with individual dampers.  Fifteen low friction idler tendency drive rollers.  Idler rollers can be removed for maintenance.  Web thread up system.  Half inch side plate structure.  Dryer tunnel assembled inside structure.  Exit spreader idler roll.  Each burner system includes an Eclipse 800,000 BTU gas air heater, two air flow switches, high temperature limit switch, motorized main gas valve, blocking valve, pilot solenoid valve, two motor starters, control transformer, supply fan NYB #174 with 7.5HP motor, exhaust fan NYB #174 with 7.5HP motor, high and low gas pressure switch, motor operator and lighted safeguard system trouble indicator.  Two control systems are mounted in master control panel that include Barber Colman 580 series instruments, flame safeguards, start/stop stations (illuminated), alarm relay, alarm silence relay, control fuse and blocks, ignition pushbutton (illuminated), control power on/ off selector switch, pilot on burner light and alarm horn.


One laminator.  15HP main drive on laminator to control line speed.  3″ heavy duty side frames.  18″ diameter chrome plated and polished double wall laminating roll (Heated).  8″ diameter hypalon rubber nip roll.  Two 12″ diameter chill rolls with rotary unions after lamination.

One dual roll, dual motor, turret flying splice rewind to accept 30″ diameter rolls.  Semi automatic splicing, cut off, transfer and indexing to be controlled by pushbutton.  Hydraulic turret indexing.  Two 10HP drive systems.  Two 6″ diameter Tidland air shafts.  Tension controlled by dancer with 30% taper capability.