Flexographic Systems


Dri-Tec’s inline convertible Gravure/Flex stations are engineered to compliment and increase production versatility with new or existing companion equipment while taking up a minimum of floor space.


These field proven inline systems precisely match the existing control parameters of the press and are capable of handling all multi-function production requirements which include registration, tensions, velocity, position and temperature control etc.  


The Gravure/Flex station can be configured for either flexo or gravure printing and can even be customized for register cold seal applications.  The system also provides the advantages of online communications and modem diagnostics for speed of life customer service response time.


This inline Gravure/Flex station is designed to print the back side of the primary web from the printing press in precise register with the preprint and finally deliver the web back to the companion equipment’s rewind unit. By combining these processes costly out of line individual processing is avoided and higher more efficient production is achieved.



Heavy duty machine steel side plates with reinforcing tie bars and floor mounting and leveling feature

  1. One (1) steel chrome plated impression roll

  2. Rubber nip roll assembly mounted to impression roll to isolate and control process web printing tensions

  3. One (1) Plate cylinder

  4. One (1) Anilox cylinder (etch by customer)

  5. Plate cylinder frame mounting and adjusting assembly

  6. Anilox cylinder frame mounting and adjusting assembly

  7. Enclosed chamber reverse angle doctor system

  8. Drive stand with motors and reducers, and includes necessary guarding

Note: Many options are available including designs to utilize existing press rolls, accommodations for precision servo drive impression adjustments and conversion from flexo printing to gravure coating process.  We will be happy to consider special configurations based on your specific needs.