Gravure Coating Station


Dri-Tec’s in-line wide web film procession gravure coater is designed to handle light gauge substrates.
The coating unit features heavy duty vibration resisting frame work and is designed for ease of operation, changeover and maintenance. The coater can be easily retrofitted with existing production companion equipment to increase line process capabilities. This reliable design allows for a wide range of production speeds up to, and in excess of 1000 feet per minute.




Heavy duty machine steel side plates with reinforcing tie bars and mounting pads with leveling feature

  1. One (1) rubber impression roll mandrel with quick change cantilever sleeve system

  2. Impression roll (75 Durometer) assembly

  3. Dri-Tec enclosed chamber doctor assembly

  4. Smoothing bar assembly (1 ½”)

  5. Necessary operator controls and devices for coater function mounted on coater

  6. Rubber spreader roll with skewing feature mounted prior to coating roll

  7. Coating roll driven and designed for easy roll removal via roll-out brackets

  8. Coating roll will automatically low speed idle when there is a normal stop

  9. One (1) 9” coating roll base (note: etch by customer)

NOTE: All idlers are hard coated aluminum for durability and ease of clean-up